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What Is Cognitive Science (CS) ??

fatiha Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Some people do ask me, where you are studying now?
Ans: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
What course you studying in?
Ans: Cognitive Science.
How long for degree?
Ans: 3 years.
What means that by Cognitive Science(CS)?
Ans: It have many branches which most related studies in life science, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience & antrophology.
But, dont worry, here are some explanations.

Cognitive science is the branch of science related to : intelligence.
When we say intelligence, we refer to : how do brain works.
Cognition can be defined as the mental process of the brain.

Now, try to think about this : How do computers works?
Lets take to basic, memory storage in a computer. Isn't there a similar pattern of how we humans store memory with the way a human store data?
Ans : Yes.
Btw, CS in Unimas involves some programming, so brace yourselves.

And now, compare how a baby's brain develops with an adult's. Do they process info similarly? What happens during their life stages?
Ans: That is where psychology and anthropology comes in. ^^

Then if you are able to think a lot, how do you express thoughts into channels that make others understand you in your interactions?
Ans: There you go, Linguistics.
And, since programming is also a language, it make sense.

There are also parts of brain that function for different purposes.
Ans: Yep! Its Neuroscience.

Then, you know that machines can imitate humans. CS allows us to ask "Can machines ever be intelligent?"
Ans: Artificial Intelligence.

If they can imitate, what can we do such as decision making and to think rationally, does that make them SMART?
Ans: Here where Philosophy takes place where many facts, experiments and terms laying in. But, dont worry ! Its fun!

So, If that so, what are the job prospects?
Ans: You can choose to be psychologists, or a computer programmer, or a human factor specialist, or a linguist, or a computer game developer, or an inventor or everything, since CS involve many branches in human life.
Plus, UNIMAS is among the first teach PURE CS, and the only one in Asia. So there's a lot of potential. 

I admit it is one of the tough course, but I'm not trying to scare you. 
It is an interesting course ! ^^
Those lecturers in Unimas also really fun! watch you tube together, laugh out loud together, do easy to share opinions ask us to go out and having breakfast first, do encourage us as tough as Arnold Schwarzenegger..! lol

This was taken from the Forum.
So, may this information could be share to others. ^^


Siti Nur Fatihah Idris said...

Salsm.. Sy lpasan spm.. Dan mnt ngan cs ni.. Nk tanya kalau dpt asasi sains hyt di unimas, mcm mn nk cont utk cs? Hrp dpt mmbntu.. ^^

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